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Click here to download the Hot Tub Spa Cover Measurement Instructions PDF.

Hot Tub Spa Cover Measurement Instructions

1. Panorama has many spa model templates on file. If you know spa brand/model and year please fill in this information. If your spa has lip mounted air controls, buttons, or a handrail, etc. , which will interfere with the spa cover fit please ask for a cut-out guide. Panorama has special templates for models such as Baja, Catalina, Coast, L.A. Spas, Heldor, Jacuzzi, Leisure Bay, and other spa manufacturers with regard to stereo speakers, waterfalls, handrails, control humps, etc.

2. Fit: For a shell fit spa cover, measure from outside acrylic lip to outside acrylic lip. Shell fit is how the majority of spa covers are ordered (see illustration area). If you prefer a cabinet fit spa cover, measure from outside wood lip to outside wood lip (see illustration). Always give dimensions in inches (EX: 69″ x 89 1/2″).

Hot Tub Spa Cover Measurement Instructions: Spa Cover Fit

3.,4. Cover Design and Taper: Bifold spa covers are tapered 4″ to 2″ or 6″ to 4″ for water run off. Bifold is how the majority of all spa covers are ordered. This design is available up to 99″ x 99″ in any shape. Quad-fold spa covers are a flat 4″ thick and available up to 99″ x 99″ in any shape. Custom covers are available in multiple panels and larger sizes.

Design Taper

5. Skirt/Flap: Order the skirt in even inches only (see illustration area above).

6. Lock Down Straps: Safety spa covers are required to have four lock down straps without exception. Two straps will be equally spaced on each handle end. You may move or add straps on the shape drawing with an X for location and measurement from the corner or hinge (over 4 lock downs will add cost).

7. Hinge Fold: Most bifold spa covers’ hinge length will be the shortest direction for strength. If your spa cover is installed with a spa cover lift or if you wish to add a lift, the direction your cover folds will be important. Fill in your shape measurements with the fold in mind. If you want a different fold please indicate with a dotted line – – – – – –

Template drawing8. Template Drawing: A drawing or template may be required for all irregular shapes such as oval, kidney, free form, etc. If you know the brand and model it may be matched to our template files. Ask your Dealer to inquire about your spa.

9. Radius Corners: Use a Square, Ruler or Tape Measure to square the radius corner. The measurement from the beginning of the curve to the corner is the radius.

Radius Corner Measurement

We hope that our Hot Tub Spa Cover Measurement Instructions helped you. If you have any questions please contact us.