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I didn’t see your address on the website, do you have a retail location?
We are located at 3537 Beacon in Kansas City, but are not open to “walk-in” traffic.

Why should I buy from you?
We’ve been making spa covers since 1979 and have sold thousands. We are in this business for the long-term so we manufacture a high-quality spa cover for a fair price and we stand behind our product.

Why don’t you offer a 5” to 3” taper?
We offer a 4” to 2” taper in both 1 lb. and 2 lb. foam density. The 2 lb. foam provides optimal insulation for much of the colder climate areas in the U.S. For the coldest, we offer a 6” to 4” tapered cover as a load-bearing, walk-on cover that is designed to support more weight (like heavy snow). With these options available a 5” to 3” taper is unnecessary.

Why don’t you offer 1.5 lb. density foam?
We feel that 1 lb. foam is sufficient for warmer climates and 2 lb. foam is perfect for colder climates. The 1 lb. foam is lighter weight and makes our covers easy to open.

What type of vinyl do you use?
We use a marine grade vinyl that is specifically designed for the spa cover industry.

Why do you use aluminum instead of steel for your center support?
Galvanized steel will rust in time. We use a full 4” aluminum C-channel that is lighter weight and will not rust. It is 4” wide as opposed to the 2” galvanized steel our competitors use.

What type of foam do you use in your spa covers?
EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam.

How are spa covers shipped?
After inspection, the cover is wrapped in a poly bag, placed on a foam pad base and enclosed in a Styrofoam paneled heavy-duty corrugated container. The cover is shipped via motor freight to either your business or residential address.

Does someone need to be home to receive a residential delivery?
Yes, Someone will need to inspect the cover and sign for receipt.
• Residential deliveries will include a contact telephone call by the freight forwarder to arrange delivery.

Does someone need to be at the business to receive a business delivery?
Yes, Someone will need to inspect the cover and sign for receipt.
• Business deliveries are generally made during the hours of 8am to 5pm.
• The freight company may not call before delivery.

Can I return the cover if it doesn’t fit?
We ONLY accept returns if WE make a mistake. If you order the wrong model or give the wrong dimensions by mistake, the cover is not returnable. However, if we mistakenly send you the wrong cover or make a mistake in production, then the cover is returnable.

Click here for a complete description of our Policies.

What will happen if the cover is damaged?
If damage to the spa cover is discovered at the time of delivery, sign the freight bill as damaged and refuse the cover. We will be notified of the damage and a replacement cover will be made and shipped as soon as possible.
• If you sign for a cover and later discover damage you will be asked to contact the Freight Company to settle the Concealed Damage Claim.
• Damage occurs in less than 1% of our spa cover shipments.

Spa Cover Production, Delivery & Return Policies
You will receive a receipt/confirmation of your order via return e-mail. Please check it to be sure your order is accurate. If you wish to make changes, please notify us within 48 hours.

All of our covers are custom made to order. We do not carry an inventory. Once production begins, we are making a cover specifically for you. For this reason, your credit card is charged when you place your order. You can change or cancel your order up to three business days after you place it. We cannot cancel or make changes to your cover order once it is in production. Spa covers are covered by the warranty but are otherwise not returnable.

Click here to see the current production to delivery time. Lead-time can vary depending on your location, weather conditions and holidays. Spa covers are shipped free via common carrier to any commercial business address anywhere in the contiguous 48 states (exception: offshore island). There is an additional surcharge for shipping to a residence. The additional charge for a residential delivery is due to the carrier must off-load the cover from a full size trailer and transferred to a smaller truck before final delivery.

We will need your e-mail address and daytime phone so the shipping company can call you and arrange for a convenient delivery time. If you have a cell phone number, this is the best option. They can schedule your delivery Monday through Friday during regular business hours.

Taking delivery of a new spa cover is much like taking delivery of new furniture. We recommend that you be present when the cover is delivered. The packaging exterior needs to be inspected for any damage. If damaged, please refuse the cover and contact us via e-mail so we can start processing the claim.

If cover is not inspected and is signed for undamaged, you will have to place the claim directly with the carrier.

Returns will be accepted for covers damaged due to shipment. We also accept returns for defects and production mistakes. Additionally, we accept returns under the conditions outlined in the 5 year limited warranty. Please notify us of any problems like this within 48 hours of receiving your cover. We cannot accept returns for any other reason – Example: 1. You gave us the wrong dimensions. 2. You gave us the wrong brand, model or year information. 3. The color doesn’t quite match the brick on your home.

For more information on SpaCoverBuyDirect’s policies, click here.

If you are unsure about what spa you have or need help with the dimensions of your spa or just want help ordering online, please call 800-923-7330 or click here to e-mail us.

Thanks for choosing SpaCoverBuyDirect! We will do everything we can to help you along so that you will have a great spa cover to enjoy!