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Custom Shaped Spa Cover

Order a SpaMate spa cover custom made to fit your Custom Shaped spa here!
For free form, kidney shaped, gunite, in-ground, in-deck and rock spas.

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Choose your new spa cover's color, underside and skirt size below.

As soon as we receive your online order, we'll send you a Custom Cover Template Kit. Simply stretch and anchor the plastic sheet over your spa, mark the top and trace the edge.

Return the template and we'll make your cover to perfectly fit your custom-shaped spa. You'll have your cover within 4 weeks of our receipt of your template kit. It's just that easy!

Custom Cover Template Kit


Choose Your Color:

The colors shown here are intended as approximate recreations and may not be displayed accurately on your monitor.

Click on any swatch for a larger view.


Enter Brand, Model & Year


Brand (if known):

Model (if known):


Insert Density


2 Lb. Density Foam
Two pound density foam adds more strength and increased insulation. Standard, No extra charge.


Choose Cover Underside:

Choose one: A or B.

What is Drain and Dry?

Standard Underside

Standard Underside

Solid bottom with
drain holes.

No extra charge.
Check box:

SpaMate Drain & Dry

SpaMate Drain & Dry

Special underside
material captures and drains
rising steam.

Adds $29.00
Check box:

Upgrade to Double Wrap 4 mil. Vapor Barrier
for 8 mil. total protection.

Vapor Barrier

Double protection extends cover life.
Adds $29.00


Hinge Seal:

Choose one: A or B.

What is a
Continuous Hinge Seal?

Hinge Seal

Hinge Seal

Seals & traps heat at
the two ends of the hinge.

No extra charge.
Check box:

Continuous Hinge Seal

Continuous Hinge Seal

Seals & traps heat along
the entire hinge length.

Adds $25.00
Check box:


Select Skirt/Flap Size:

Skirt Size


Add a Spa Cover Lift:

Spa Cover Lift

Order a spa cover lift with your cover and SAVE!

Find out which spa cover lift will fit your spa here.

Find out more about our cover lifts here.


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Due to higher shipping costs to a LIMITED NUMBER OF AREAS, we are forced to add a Domestic Island Surcharge to spa cover orders going to only these zip codes.

Shipping Info & Policies

Delivery & Return Policies:

Please allow approximately 4.5 weeks for
shipment of spa covers.

Important: Please read SpaMate Production Process, Delivery & Return Policies


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